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Caldo Sonno in tessuto Scozzese rosso-arancio
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CALDO SONNO will heat up your nights in any time and wherever you are: motorhome, caravan or watercraft.

Caldo Sonno in tessuto Incas rossoDirectly from its own experience Laboratorio Rio has introduced an innovative solution, named  Caldo Sonno,  to maintain always tidy caravan and  motorhome beds. This bed system, particularly suitable to the needs of special vehicles owners, includes made-to-measure sheets, duvet and duvet covers.

 The Laboratorio Rio bed kit consists of:

  • Lower sheets
  • Upper sheest
  • Cover quilt
  • Pillow cases
  • 4 season duvet/quilt (optional) 

Caldo Sonno su misura per incasso toilette in tessuto Peru BMatching items: in addition to the bed kit (sheets/duvet and cover duvet ) is available a selection of products to make even more comfortable your sleep.


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