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Caldo Sonno in tessuto Biagiotto arancio
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Ampia scelta di stoffe

"Caldo Sonno"  is a 100%  Italian product made with high quality selected materials in our hand-craft laboratory in Pasiano di Pordenone.

Our production is totally based on made-to-measure according to the customer requirements.

In this way Caldo Sonno perfectly cater to any type of bed, such as French and non-standard ones, also with edges, nooks, junctions or special shapes.
It is possible to select the colour combination of sheets and cover duvet that best fit with the environment.

Any item is created depending on a specific production process.


lavorazione Caldo Sonno: applicazione cerniera
zip-fastener application
Applicazione cerniera (2)
zip-fastener application  
lavorazione Caldo Sonno: bordatura
lavorazione Caldo Sonno: rifinitura lenzuola
Finishing sheet
lavorazione Caldo Sonno: piegatura
lavorazione Caldo Sonno: imbustamento

Caldo sonno perfectly fit in your bed and not viceversa, as usually happens when standard sheets or bed bags are used. From now on, it is no more necessary to hide those too long parts of fabric or make the bed everyday because stripped.

You will simply sleep comfortably.

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